Difference Between Khakis and Chinos?

There is no doubt that khakis and chinos have many similarities. However, there are distinct differences between the two styles of pants. These differences can help men decide which pants style to seek out in different situations. Most closets will have an assortment of both khakis and chinos. Because each pant style is more appropriate in certain settings, it is wise to have the information about each type prior to purchase.

In simple words the first and the basic difference between Khakis and Chinos is with a more recent military uniform heritage, chino pants earned a more formal style than khakis. One of the distinct differences between the two and an easy trick to use when shopping or pairing an outfit is the stitching. Stitching on khakis is visible, whereas it is concealed on chinos. This gives chino pants a more finished look, which in turn makes them a little more “dressy". The second, less obvious and less reliable rule of thumb for telling the difference between the two is the weight of the fabric. Chino Pants are often made of a lightweight 100% cotton or cotton-blend fabric, while khakis are often constructed of a heavyweight 100% cotton fabric.

Third, chino pants are often cut slimmer with a closer fit than khakis, adding to their formal appeal.

The Big Dilemma 

When to Wear Khakis

               Khakis are popular for those who wish to easily 

transition from work to a more casual atmosphere 
in the evening. Khakis offer a good alternative to 

jeans for those who do not like the stiffness of 
denim, yet need to have comfortable, reliable 
clothing that will not go out of fashion quickly. 
Khakis can double as casual wear and 
business clothing, and can also be semi-formal.
A pair of khakis would even be appropriate for 
light dinners and daytime social events.

When to Wear Chinos

Chinos are dressier pants, which makes them 
unsuitable for manual labor. While some men may 
wear khakis for yard work, chinos are not durable
 enough for that type of activity. Chinos are much 
better for professional workday activities. They
 are also excellent for formal events, including dinner 
parties and weddings. They can be worn as easily 
for casual evenings as for nightclubs. Like khakis, 
many designers now treat chinos with chemicals
 that make them wrinkle-resistant. The light weave 
of fabric that constitutes chinos makes them much 
less likely to wrinkle than some other styles of
 pants. When ironing is necessary, it is often quick
 work. This is another reason that busy 
professionals prefer true chinos to khakis.

What I Conclude 

Casual khakis are perfect for weekend wear, around-the-house activities, and easy transitions between work and leisure. Dressier chinos are ideal for the office and special events. Both pants are commonly worn by most men at one point or another. Knowing the difference between the two can help create an even longer-lasting, stylish wardrobe.

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